Curious about how yaupon tea came to be?

Introducing our award-winning short History of Yaupon

Curate a moment and experience the pure, all-American goodness of CatSpring Yaupon.


CatSpring Yaupon produces yaupon of the highest quality.  We're returning to the true American values of sustainable farming and good stewardship of the land. Nothing touches this yaupon but sunshine and rainwater; it's free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and synthetic weed control measures. 



Enjoy far more than an estate-grown, sustainable product. Experience a moment to yourself, a slowing down and return to the goodness that really matters; be part of something greater. All of the care, attention to quality, and opportunity that went into the crafting of our yaupon tea are right there, in every sip.



Relish the smooth and refreshing taste of the only caffeinated plant native to North America.  Drink in the heritage and legacy of the storied yaupon and enjoy its ability to support, sustain and satisfy over centuries. It's pure American goodness in a cup.



And a little something special we’re cooking up….

And a little something special we’re cooking up….