At Cat Spring Tea, we cultivate and roast farm-fresh yaupon; preparing a drink that’s refreshing, all-natural and delicious.
It’s sunshine and rainwater in a glass.

Seed to Sip to Satisfaction



Cat Spring Tea produces yaupon tea of the highest quality.  We're returning to the true American values of sustainable farming and good stewardship of the land. Nothing touches this yaupon but sunshine and rainwater; it's free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and synthetic weed control measures. 



Enjoy far more than an estate-grown, sustainable product. Experience a moment to yourself, a slowing down and return to the goodness that really matters; be part of something greater. All of the care, attention to quality, and opportunity that went into the crafting of our yaupon tea are right there, in every sip.



Relish the smooth and refreshing taste of the only caffeinated plant native to North America.  Drink in the heritage and legacy of the storied yaupon and enjoy its ability to support, sustain and satisfy over centuries. It's pure American goodness in a cup.



In founding Cat Spring Tea, we sisters are returning to the legacy of our great grandparents who also farmed American soil. To claim that our family has had an impact on us and how we are making yaupon tea would be a significant understatement.  Cat Spring Tea exists because of the work ethic, love of the land, and respect for all people that our parents imparted to us. We began harvesting yaupon on family land in Cat Spring, Texas. Our business is about family.

At the heart of farming lies the deep American value of good stewardship. Seeing possibility where others only see the ordinary is the American Dream. It's the kind of dream that combines perspective, determination, and optimizing potential.

Yaupon tea embodies the goodness that the land produces for us. It’s natural. It’s stimulating. It’s delicious. It’s sustainable. It’s recognizing potential. It’s realizing that lives are being restored and transformed. At Cat Spring Tea, we are dedicated to sharing the goodness of yaupon tea.  We are dedicated to creating jobs that change our employees lives for the good.  We are dedicated to bringing the pure American goodness of yaupon tea to you.

When you enjoy a cup of yaupon tea, you’re experiencing the goodness of our community.  It's a community that’s redefining the experience of tea and returning to core American values. Join with us. Experience the pure American goodness of yaupon tea, from our family to yours.



We wish we could post everything that they put in print, but you'll just have to take our word that it was really nice stuff.

Lucky Peach
We're quoted as saying:
"There's a real parallel between this tree that has been overlooked and undervalued and written off, and these people in society who do have value, but have been completely forgotten."

Life & Thyme
We're quoted as saying:
"So the green tea is a slight maltiness, and then a slight tartness.  The black is subtly roasted, complex, earthy and smoky, with a satisfying finish."

Edible Austin
We're quoted as saying:
"It's lovely. It's not unfamiliar because of the Asian tea and yerba mate that we drink, but it has a little bit more complexity.  The taste profile is hard to explain."

Garden & Gun
We're the company listed by name in the Encyclopedia of Southern Food by the "Yaupon Holly" entry. One of "twenty-six people, places, and ingredients [that] are changing the way we eat right now."


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