What is Yaupon? 


It's the only naturally-caffeinated plant to grow wild in North America. It was brewed for centuries by Native Americans. And then.. it was forgotten. Left behind by the busyness of modernity. Until now. 

We harvest yaupon wild in the fields surrounding the CatSpring ranch. By the time our yaupon makes it into the hands of our harvesters, nothing has touched these leaves but sunshine and rainwater. (And the occasional cow, maybe.)

CatSpring Yaupon is as sustainable, and as natural as it gets.

Each of our blends pays homage to our roots in the land. 

It's Texan, For Tea.®

I drink this tea every morning and I am in love with the mild flavor profile with no bitter after taste. It gives me a good kick that is not the jittery coffee buzz that also seems to give me a longer sustained mental focus. The fact that it is a local product is just icing on the cake.
— Justin Burro, Founder of Burro Cheese Kitchen