What Sustainability Means to CatSpring Yaupon.


CatSpring Yaupon was founded with sustainability in mind. Our yaupon is wild harvested, ensuring it is brought to you by nothing but Earth, sunshine, and rainwater. At CatSpring Yaupon, we pride ourselves on being stewards of the land. Throughout the last few years, we’ve learned that sustainability is about more than the land. It’s about people, too.

That's why we created the CatSpring Working with Dignity Program. We offer jobs to people exiting the criminal justice system, in the hopes that they can use their time with us to transition on into other meaningful employment. Our method for making an impact is by affecting one life, and one community, at a time.

Our goal with our People First Employment program is to set an example, for other local organizations, of the change that is possible when people are given a dignified hand-up.
— Abianne Falla, Founder