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Other Interesting Write-Ups

We wish we could post everything that they put in print, but you'll just have to take our word that it was really nice stuff.

Lucky Peach
We're quoted as saying:
"There's a real parallel between this tree that has been overlooked and undervalued and written off, and these people in society who do have value, but have been completely forgotten."

Life & Thyme
We're quoted as saying:
"So the green tea is a slight maltiness, and then a slight tartness.  The black is subtly roasted, complex, earthy and smoky, with a satisfying finish."

Garden & Gun
We're the company listed by name in the Encyclopedia of Southern Food by the "Yaupon Holly" entry. One of "twenty-six people, places, and ingredients [that] are changing the way we eat right now."

Edible Austin
We're quoted as saying:
"It's lovely. It's not unfamiliar because of the Asian tea and yerba mate that we drink, but it has a little bit more complexity.  The taste profile is hard to explain."