WeWork - community, dining, and cocktails!

This last week, we had the incredible pleasure of combining some of our favorite things:  yaupon, amazing people, great food, and a beautiful space. All thanks to the always inspiring team at WeWork White House in DC.  We loved serving up some CatSpring Yaupon Gimlets (recipe below) and enjoyed the conversation of so many folks who are dedicated to impacting change in their communities- everything from education and immigration reform to fighting human trafficking to job skills training.

Before the dinner, we were able to ask Nicole Mozeiiak, WeWork’s General Manager for the Mid-Atlantic, some questions. We were so floored by her responses that we thought we'd share them with you!

View from the roof of WeWork White House... clearly a bit windy but a spectacular view!

View from the roof of WeWork White House... clearly a bit windy but a spectacular view!

CSYWeWork has placed a huge importance on company culture - both yours and the companies y’all impact. It’s such a buzzword (like company’s story) but it’s kinda ethereal.  If you had to give concrete measures of culture, what would they be?
NM: I'd say a concrete measure of culture is accessibility. Here at WeWork, we have a very transparent culture and employees have access to executives and other company leaders. Anyone can email or ask Adam, myself or other executives questions. We not only appreciate the feedback, but we rely on it. 

Y’all are champions of creators in your communities.  What are ways that you encourage your teams to support creators in collaborations?
WeWork's mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. Everything we do is in furtherance of this mission -- from the water we serve to the design of our spaces. It's more than just office spaces, it's about building a community. The more people in our community, the more opportunity for connection and collaboration for our members, both in the physical and digital spaces we create - that's what makes WeWork so special. It's remarkable to see so many members come to WeWork and not only make friends with other members but collaborate on ideas that form new products and sometimes new companies.

WeWork has grown so much over the last few years and with it the potential impact. What does success look like for you in 5 years? 
For me, success is measured by growing our community of creators -- not just number of bodies at a desk, but the community of people around the globe working together to help each other thrive. 

You’ve seen so many businesses and companies grow and succeed.  What is one quality of teams or founders you respect that may have surprised you?  
I have been fortunate in my career to work with two founders both of whom I respect and admire greatly -- and both have a common thread: they both put their team and values above all else.  Both believe that the essence of success is through the team, not the individual.  Here at WeWork we call it the "Power of We." I'm fortunate to have found that twice in my career!

What’s something you see founders overlook as they grow a company? 
The small things matter.  As companies grow, the teams grow, the pace quickens, and the small things that matter to the individual employee can cease to be scalable.  Examples would be recognition of birthdays and anniversaries, celebrations for life events, and that human element of connection that makes a place so special can be lost.  Here at WeWork we work hard to maintain and enhance that personal connection as we grow.  It's always on the forefront of our community leaders and those who support our communities.

And what’s something they may overlook within their community?
All of us can be guilty of not seeing our space with a fresh set of eyes because we are there everyday.  It's important for us to always be looking at our environments with fresh, objective perspectives and to remember to ask our members what they love and what they would change -- after all we are community!

CSY: Thank you, Nicole!
Wow. Such an amazingly refreshing perspective and so many good reminders! We’re so incredibly grateful for the champions of creators, community, and companies that WeWork has been and continues to be. As winners of the WeWork Creator Awards, we're big fans of all that WeWork does to promote and empower so many.

Yaupon Gimlet recipe (can be served hot or iced):
-4oz iced green yaupon
-1.5oz gin
-2 tsp sugar or honey
-dash absinthe (optional)
Mix all ingredients and garnish with a lemon peel or lime wedge. Enjoy!