Productivity & Wellness Routines

These Thriving Entrepreneurs Spill the Tea on Their Wellness & Productivity Secrets


Thrive Global sat down with some of the most brilliant minds in business to get the scoop on their wellness routines, productivity secrets, and inspiration for growth. We were so excited to find that some of the most well known names in philanthropy and business, share a similar secret to what’s behind their source of energy...Tea! Check out the list below and click the links to read the full story.

Richard Branson:

Thrive Global: What gives you energy?

Richard Branson: Keeping really fit, drinking loads of tea and challenging myself every minute of the day.

Michael Kors:

Thrive Global: What gives you energy?

Micheal Kors: My curiosity, nature and iced tea.

(….we feel you MK. Check out our favorite iced tea recipes here!)

Susie Lee:

Thrive Global: What’s your secret life hack?

Susie Lee: Planned-not planned naps, which consists of a good article to read, hot tea, cozy couch, and the freedom to fall asleep for a few minutes.

Lo Bosworth:

Thrive Global: What’s your secret life hack?

Lo Bosworth: Lots of turmeric tea.

(We love turmeric too, Lo! Check out our turmeric Yaupon tonic recipe here.)