The team over at Odd Duck have dreamed up some delicious concoctions with CatSpring Yaupon. As their menu changes seasonally, so do their craft cocktails & thirst for creative new ways to use everyone’s favorite native caffeinated leaf. Recently they’ve whipped up a homemade kombucha that would make any fermentation fan’s heart flutter.

Another favorite of the CatSpring team is their version of a frozen Long Island Iced Tea. And with the current 100+ weather in Austin - we'll take two please!

The best pairing though, in our humble opinions, is the Odd Duck burger, plus good ol’ Austin sunshine and a tall glass of CatSpring Iced Yaupon - it just doesn't get much better. Every ingredient at this Austin establishment is carefully curated & locally sourced; needless to say, we're honored to be on the menu!