What is Yaupon? 5 Things You Should Know about This Lost American Treasure

And what exactly do we mean by, It’s Texan, for tea?


First, Texan is our home town dialect, filled with “y’all” and “howdy” that call us back to a time when you could slow down and rest after a long day of hard work.  

Yaupon is our hometown plant, so abundant in the South that for decades it was considered a weed because it invaded everywhere.  Now, we recognize yaupon for the national treasure it really is and want to share this incredible drink with y’all.

Saying we’re tea may seem redundant.  You steep leaves in water and get a drink: that’s tea. But then, yaupon isn’t technically tea: It’s an herbal infusion.  Surprised? Yaupon does share some qualities with tea, the second most popular beverage in the world (beaten only by water). It also has some unique traits of its own:

1.    Location, Location, Location.  Traditional tea all comes from a single plant.  Camellia sinensisis the source for all varieties of tea and is native to Asia.  All the various flavors and blends of tea come from different preparation methods of this plant.  That means all traditional tea comes from across the sea. Yaupon, on the other hand, comes from the plant Ilex vomitoria, native to North America and the only naturally caffeinated plant on the continent.  In fact, CatSpring Yaupon is 100% American. Wild-grown, harvested, and packaged right here in Texas.


2.    No Tannins. Traditional teas contain a compound called tannins and these are what make your tea bitter when you steep too long. Yaupon lacks tannins and therefore you can steep it as long as you want.  You can perform multiple steeps to keep a hot mug going all day and you’ll always have a smooth, delicious cup of yaupon without astringent flavor.

3.    Stable antioxidants.  Antioxidants are like reserve troops for your body.  They come in and remove harmful free oxidants, reducing the risk for multiple diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and brain dysfunction. Both tea and yaupon possess antioxidants.  However, in a 2011 study yaupon had relatively stable levels of antioxidants versus green tea when packaged. This means you get more of the natural goodness with each sip of yaupon.

4.    Yummy Roasting. Yaupon and tea obtain new flavors and profiles from different preparations of the leaves.  As you’ll find with our Pedernales blend, both tea and yaupon can be enjoyed after simply drying the leaves.  You can also roast the leaves prior to steeping them. With roasting, you get different tastes based on how long you roast the leaves.  Longer roasts tend to give the blend a toastier flavor. Try our Lost Maples blend, a medium roast, and our Marfa blend, our dark roast, to taste the difference yourself!

5.    Foolproof Steeping. Both tea and yaupon are delicious brewed either hot or cold.  You can steep yaupon in hot water for a few minutes to get a hot mug of yaupon.  Or you can put yaupon in water and refrigerate overnight to wake up to delicious, cold yaupon.  And, being from the South, we love a glass of iced yaupon. Simply add a few ice cubes to a freshly brewed cup of yaupon and enjoy.

When you steep a cup of yaupon, you’re enjoying a Southern innovation of an ancient tradition. That’s why we like to say, It’s Texan, for tea. There’s a story waiting for you in every cup.


7 Things I've Learned with Two Babies: CatSpring Yaupon and a Baby Girl

Each day with a baby girl and a small business has brought new ideas. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned as a mompreneur. 


1.    Grow with the process. I used to think there were non-negotiable aspects of life such as sleep and a clean house. Boy, did this change with Isla. When my husband and I discussed all the shifts, we realized there was greater bandwidth than we thought to handle the changes. This open evaluation is integral to CatSpring Yaupon. We discuss processes because we’ve learned that sometimes we followed a routine because of a limit that no longer exists. 

2.    Every day is unique. Just because it looks a certain way today doesn’t mean it stays that way.  When Isla arrived, I was anxious when we had a rough day or I only had time to work for 30 minutes. I had to take a deep breath and remember that tomorrow could (and probably would) look different, and that this dynamic was all part of the process.

3.    It takes a village. I’ve always been a bit independent. I’ve been humbled yet empowered about my limitations since Isla has come. Whether I’m with Isla or I’m at work, I strive to be present. A strong support system enables this. I’ve relied on my CatSpring team more. I’ve also relied on my husband and mom. They love the time with Isla and family life is way better as a team sport. I now experience how rich both work and life can be when I involve others.


4.    Clean, natural energy is a must. I love yaupon tea and the boost it provides – that’s why I share it. But I have a new appreciation for this energy and realize how important a clean, mental boost can be. There’s a lot to manage with a business and a baby.  Yaupon tea allows me to approach these challenges with my very best throughout the day.

5.    The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I had no idea that the addition of another person to Adam’s and my relationship would increase the joy and love that we have. That sounds cheesy but it’s true. Isla has made our relationship richer.

6.    Be present. With a baby, you’re forced to be present, take it slow, and heed their cues. A friend once said that a baby is like special forces: “Slow is easy, and easy is slow.” The mornings I give her time to eat and chat before we get out of the house are the days that she does the best. It’s given me a new appreciation for our work at CatSpring Yaupon to help everyone curate a moment. Isla seems to understand the importance of moments better than I do.

7.    Something greater than myself. A baby helps you realize it’s not about you. I’m intentional in how I care for my body because I’m not the only one dependent on it. I’m mindful what I expose Isla to in cleaning supplies (shout out to Branch Basics for the solution), foods, and materials. The realization that she’ll inherit our planet has only reinforced the importance of sustainability in our production, sourcing, and how we build our business.  She hasn’t drastically changed any of my priorities but rather underscored their importance. 

For innumerable reasons, I’m grateful for what Isla teaches me. And there’s more to come!

Native American Uses of Yaupon

Yaupon use pre-dates the formation of the United States of America. Before even early traders landed on these shores, many Native American tribes had a Yaupon tradition.

Trade of Yaupon:

Records show that yaupon was consumed by many tribes of the Southeast and trans Mississippi south in political, religious, and social contexts. While it grew primarily in the Southeast region, extensive trade networks established between tribes spread yaupon far and wide. It has been found as far west as New Mexico, as far south as Mexico, and as far inland as Cahokia in Missouri, all most likely as a result of trade with Southeastern tribes.

Early Uses of Yaupon:

The most well documented yaupon usage is that of the Creek Confederacy that dominated the Southeast while the earliest known reference was from Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca while traveling along the coast of Texas in 1542.


Another early account comes from John Lawson’s A New Voyage to Carolina, printed in 1709. According to Lawson, yaupon was used by the Native Americans of the Carolina coast, who “bore this plant in veneration above all the plants they are acquainted with”. It was used for rituals, ceremonies, village councils, and other important meetings. It was also used as a social drink and to show friendship. Cups made of whelk, a sea snail whose shells are found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, were frequently used.

Ceremonial Uses of Yaupon:

Purification ceremonies in which large quantities of the black drink (which contained yaupon amongst other ingredients) were consumed were followed by vomiting, and this was credited by European travelers to the yaupon. Through the test of time, numerous explorers and travelers experiences, and recent scientific study however, the emetic properties of yaupon have been disproven. 

Jonathan Dickinson (later the mayor of Philadelphia) reported that amongst the St. Lucian people on Florida’s east coast, yaupon was traditionally only served to important men. Throughout the Southeast, yaupon stood as a symbol of purity and was used for peaceful purposes; therefore, some Native Americans in this region referred to the tea as “white drink” because it signified health and peace.


We’re already convinced it’s delicious and refreshing. But did you know that yaupon tea is so much more than a warm mug on a windy day, or a soothing iced refresher after you’ve crushed your workout goals? We’re at the very beginning of understanding all the healthy benefits of yaupon, and we’re already excited about them:

  1. YAUPON PROMOTES A GORGEOUS SMILE. Yaupon contains theobromine… Theo-what? That’s a compound with an unusual mix of benefits. For starters, it’s also found in chocolate and it makes you feel happy. It has even been shown to be good for your oral health and prevent oral infection. So there you have it: Drink yaupon to promote healthy tooth enamel. (And since it’s naturally smooth and sweet, there’s no need for added sugar.)

  2. YAUPON IS PART OF YOUR CANCER-PREVENTION DIET. Studies have also shown that yaupon has chemo-preventative properties through a two-fold defense strategy: it can help destroy actual cancer cells and reduce chronic inflammation.  That’s because yaupon contains polyphenols and flavonals, both of which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, yaupon contains more antioxidants than blueberries! These cancer-fighting powerhouses take out free radicals in your body and promote healthy cells and DNA. By protecting your cells, you’re protecting yourself not only against cancer, but against cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction, and cataracts.

  3. YAUPON REDUCES INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the result of the body’s immune response to battle potentially harmful contaminants.  During inflammation, several immune system chemicals are released, some of which are harmful to healthy cells over time. Many cancers, including esophageal and colorectal, are thought to be linked with chronic inflammation.  This makes managing the amount of inflammation crucial for long-term health. What kicks this inflammation? Rutin! And studies show yaupon is high in rutin - almost 4 times the amount found in cousin plant guayusa. It’s got the full anti-inflammatory squad: polyphenols, flavonals & rutin.


Studies have also found that close cousins of yaupon have antibacterial activity, cardiovascular protective activity, anti-obese activity, anti-diabetic activity, and neuroprotective activity… Wow! As we rediscover more and more about this forgotten American resource, it makes so much sense that Native Americans revered it and incorporated it into their daily routine. Harness the power of natural goodness: you can feel good about this soothing, refreshing drink any time of day.

4 Facts You Never Knew About Yaupon

Four Basics About Yaupon

Some common questions we get are what is yaupon and how do I tell others about it? It’s not a tea, but it’s similar. It’s used for lawn decoration and some consider it a weed, but it’s actually delicious. It’s native to North America but was popular in Europe centuries ago. How do I explain this to someone who has never heard of yaupon?

Here are four basics of yaupon to introduce this incredible drink to your friends.

  1. It’s technically an herbal infusion, like its famous cousins.Traditional tea varieties are made from the Asian-based plant, Camellia sinensis, while beverages made from other plants (like yaupon) are known as herbal infusions. Yaupon (Ilex vomitoria) is a cousin of the two famous South American plants yerba mate (Ilex paraguaysis) & guayusa (Ilex guayusa), and all three of these are caffeinated. We were inspired by the indigenous brewing methods of both yerba mate and guayusa while developing our yaupon preparation to remain true to the native culture and bring you the most authentic taste.

  2. Yaupon has gone by many names. It’s long and varied history has gifted yaupon with a number of different names. Yaupon, yaupon holly, black drink, American tea plant, appalachine, Carolina tea, cassina, Christmas-berry tree, coon berry, and South-Sea tea. Since we harvest here in Texas, we know this hardy plant by the name yaupon. Whatever name you prefer, rest assured it is just as delicious by any name.

  3. It was once world-famous. Native American tribes and European traders alike once traded yaupon far and wide.  Yaupon followed Native American trade routes to the American Southwest and up the Mississippi River to the ancient metropolis of Cahokia. Through early traders, yaupon traveled to Europe where it was enjoyed across the continent. Though it faded from the public eye centuries ago for unknown reasons, we’re thrilled to bring it back and share globally once more.

  4. Yaupon flourishes.Yaupon grows along the Gulf and East coasts of America, throughout a variety of environments. It’s a large drought-resistant shrub that forms thickets from spreading horizontal roots and rhizomes. You may have even seen it as decoration in your yard. With its spreading roots and durability, yaupon was considered a weed by farmers until its forgotten potential was rediscovered. Now, we wild harvest our yaupon in cooperation with local farmers.

Yaupon grows in the Southeast United States.

Yaupon grows in the Southeast United States.

Yaupon, as the only caffeinated plant native to North America, has a lot to offer. Delicious, all-natural, and good for you, it’s hard not to share it once you’ve tried it. 

We’re still learning more about this beverage as it rises back into public attention and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


Our modern lives are hectic. Overfilled with work, relationships, and media, it’s a wonder we even find time to slow down at all. Here at CatSpring Yaupon, we help you set that to-do list aside so you can reclaim the moment, and get back to living. How can you take back your day? Check out our specialty blends for the perfect solution to all of your needs:  

1. START THE DAY STRONG with our MARFA blend.


Our dark roast is a delicious complement to morning coffee. It’s the all natural kick you need to wake up and face the day, without the jitters. The subtle sweet tones and smooth taste are the ideal pairing for your favorite breakfast entrée. Take back your morning… your way.



Need a pick me up? This smooth and mild medium roast helps you regain focus and get the most out of those last minutes at your desk. Did we mention? Yaupon is low in tannins, so it’s always smooth and never gets bitter. That means you can start a hot steep right after lunch and add hot water to carry you through the work day, and over the finish line for that deadline.

3. RESET AND UNWIND with our staple PEDERNALES blend.

0M4A3366 copy.jpg

As clean and refreshing as the waters of the Pedernales river, this refreshing cup is yummy hot, or iced. Relax in the moment, whether you’re unwinding after work or just reached your latest work-out goal. Since you can cold steep all of our yaupon overnight, it has never been easier to be your best self. Come home, pour a glass straight from the fridge, and celebrate your victories. Because you’ve earned it, dang it!



Okay, we know there’s not much snow in the South and the polar vortex is only showing up on our feed. But we certainly get those freezing temperatures. A soothing cup of DECK THE HILLS is the perfect companion to a crackling fire. Enhanced with all-natural spices, pumpkin, and apples, it’s yaupon with a cold-weather twist. So snuggle up under that blanket, and enjoy the season.

Whether you’re looking for an extra boost to get back on track and win at life, or adding trophies to your already-full shelf, CatSpring Yaupon is the perfect way to seize the day and make each second count. Every day is a new beginning. The possibilities are endless… and we believe you deserve the very best.

What is Domestic Sourcing and Why Does it Matter?

What’s the big deal with local sourcing?


It may be the Austin mindset or it may be that we’re deeply in love with the land we grew up on— either way, a central tenant of CatSpring Yaupon has always been to source locally.

But why does local sourcing matter in the first place? 

Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned from our work sustainably harvesting wild yaupon from Central Texas farms.


1.    Job Creation. Sourcing locally has massive ripple effects on the community. It employs local people, which boosts the economy as they earn more income and can spend more. By setting the example, companies who source locally can encourage other businesses to also source locally, drawing additional job opportunities back to communities.  

2.    Labor Rights. Some international partners don’t have a strict wage standard or working condition regulations, endangering employees or even promoting trafficking systems. The close proximity of local sourcing allows for greater accountability in working practices and conditions, ensuring safety and fair treatment for workers. 

3.    Transparency. In the US, many suppliers must comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and be licensed by the FDA.  At CatSpring Yaupon, we’ve worked hard to maintain transparency for our product and are now verified as non-GMO, organic, and kosher. And each of our suppliers has gone through extensive verification to ensure they meet these same quality standards.

4.    Environmental Sustainability. By reducing the distance supplies have to travel from suppliers to our company, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint from vehicle emissions, packaging waste, and energy consumption. 

5. Healthy Options. Particularly when food comes from local sources, there are less opportunities during transportation for contamination meaning you get cleaner food. It also allows for harvesting at the peak of growing seasons for the plants, resulting in more robust flavors in the finished products and more nutrients packed into the servings.

6.    Personal Connections. Working closely with local businesses allows us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with them to support the growth of both companies. We are able to visit the farms that supply our yaupon and ensure the high quality you’ve come to expect and to manage issues face to face with our partners. This enables feedback, collaboration, and community development.

7.    Improved Inventory Costs. Since we don’t have to ship in our product from overseas, we don’t have to process enormous shipping costs, taxes, tariffs, and other associated fees or have to strategize around potential economic or geopolitical upheavals. Rather, we’re able to pass our product along to you at a lower price.

Local sourcing has been our standard from the beginning. As we have grown and partnered with more farms, we’ve seen the incredible benefits it brings to the community and we’re excited to see these effects broaden with time. 

 It’s with pride that we can bring you a delicious, clean, and responsibly sourced drink every time you pour a cup of yaupon.

Why Authenticity is Key to Success: Staying on Brand with Honest Mary’s

True to the spirit of Austin — and CatSpring Living — we love featuring some of our favorite CatSpring Yaupon partners and cheerleaders. Today, we’re excited to share why we love Honest Mary’s so much... and get to the bottom of what has quickly turned them into a local sensation. We sat down with founder Nelson Monteith to talk about building a brand, staying true to your core values, and forging a loyal community of employees and customers.

Photo   compliments of Honest Mary’s

Photo compliments of Honest Mary’s

1. How did you get here?

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d start a restaurant. We got here because Mary read an article in Business Insider one lazy Saturday: it was about a healthy fast food concept in California. Something about that grabbed us…healthy fast food. It was missing in our lives. We were busy and we wanted to eat healthy, but doing that can be hard -- especially if salads aren’t your favorite food group.

Mary and I spent about six months trying to convince ourselves not to start a restaurant. We traveled the US researching our concept (walk-through style line serving grain bowls) and knew the idea had legs. In meetings with seasoned restaurateurs, I felt a sense of challenge. It was time: we said “lets do it!”

Of course, you don’t snap your fingers and make a restaurant. It took about 1.5 years from greenlighting the concept to opening in October 2017. We spent time raising money, securing and building out our location, creating our brand, building the menu, etc. Lots of work and emotions were packed into that time. In the end, we created a brand of which we’re truly proud. Our customers agree!

2. You offer fresh, clean eating on the go.  Describe what inspired this and how you have put your individual touch on the menu.

The whole concept was inspired by our personal, increasing need for clean and healthy fast food. Entrepreneurs and high achievers need to sustain busy lives… but that shouldn’t entail sacrificing our bodies in the process. Our personal needs drove the entire concept, including the serving style and food.

Mary’s creativity shined through as we began building out the menu. While she wouldn’t claim to be a chef, her understanding of what flavors worked well together were integral to this process. We hired multiple chefs to refine our recipes and make us restaurant ready, but without Mary’s original draft of what bowls we should serve, we would have lacked the direction we needed to really arrive at a cohesive final product. Creativity would ultimately drive not just our food, but the inspiration for our entire brand and aesthetic.

Photo   compliments of Honest Mary’s

Photo compliments of Honest Mary’s

3. Share the inspiration behind your company name. How has this impacted the company?

Naming was not easy! There’s so much importance in a name. Ultimately we settled on Honest Mary’s, one of the first names we had proposed in our brainstorm. It’s perfect, because it captures our identity, speaks to our genuine approach and authentic vibe, and instills a sense of vision alongside which we can continue to grow.

The name Honest Mary’s has had a massive impact. Not just because it’s a cool name, but because it has forced us in the best way possible to stay true to Mary as the core of the brand and mission. She was our ideal original customer. By committing to having Mary’s desires drive our product and brand, we believe we’ll continue to serve our customers at the highest level, and for the long haul.

4. How can people incorporate better eating decisions into their daily life and when out eating?

For me it’s helpful to separate eating out into 2 different experiences.

The first is when I’m going out to be entertained (date night, dinner w/ friends, etc.); in this scenario, my priority is experience & taste. There are a ton of great options for this, especially in Austin. This is maybe every other week for us, and it’s more of a reward than anything. Honestly, I’m not trying to make the healthiest choices.

The second is when I’m on the go; I’d like a good meal, but I don’t want to spend too much and I don’t have a lot of time. This is the tough one. This happens often, and it’s usually during a time where I really need energy. I’m either in the middle of my day or it’s a weeknight, and I need to be eating good food to stay filled up.

If I can commit to making good decisions in the second scenario by choosing my restaurants wisely, taking some food with me from home, I’m happy to reward myself with the other eating out scenario.

Photo   compliments of Honest Mary’s

Photo compliments of Honest Mary’s

5. Describe challenges you have faced and how you overcame them.

Starting out was really challenging. When you’re opening a restaurant, you strive to get open as soon as possible because you’re paying rent and other expenses, and you simply want to start generating revenue. But the problem with opening quickly is that you haven’t had the chance to create the systems and processes needed to ensure operations run smoothly. You’re surviving shifts at the beginning, instead of thriving through them. I could easily see all of the ‘standard operating procedures’ that we needed to create, but I didn’t have time to create them because I was too busy trying to survive.

The biggest issue with this is that you end up hurting your staff. Our turnover was high; we lost some great people in the early months because our business wasn’t setup well for them to do well. Reflecting on this time makes me sad, because I feel like I let the team down.

Eventually we overcame this problem by hiring great people to help me run the restaurant. First, I brought on a Team Lead (aka general manager), Teresa Cano, to run the store and free me up to create systems. Eventually, I brought on a People & Operations Lead, Brooks Veazey, who has extensive experience in this arena. The manpower and expertise these two have brought to our team the past year or so has made Honest Mary’s a way more operationally robust place to work, and our team has been blessed through them. Today, we’re thriving through our shifts and our turnover is extremely low. What a difference great people can make!

6. How has your commitment to source locally (whenever possible) impacted your decisions and the development of your business?  How has it changed the way you interact with your community?

Sourcing locally is a framework and standard that we’ve had from the beginning. I think if you set out from the beginning to do this and commit to partnering with great local vendors and farms, it just becomes normal. If you don’t start out this way, clawing into it may feel expensive and difficult.

From a business standpoint, it’s just so important to support your local community. We as a city live and die together. We are in this together. We need to help each other out.

From a food standpoint, we believe that food is better for you when it’s sourced near you. Certain foods grow well in areas around you because they’re suited to feed animals and humans appropriately for climate around them. When we eat local foods, we feel better and live better.

And then from a customer standpoint, in Austin, it’s almost a non-negotiable to be local. If you aren’t, you really won’t be embraced by the city. But if you are, and you really commit to it – even when it feels expensive – it comes back to you, because this city simply cares about being local. It’s really cool to get to live in a city that truly cares.

7. How do you think your time at Acton impacted your decisions in building Honest Mary's?

It’s hard to explain all of the ways Acton prepared me for building Honest Mary’s. To put it simply, I would never have started Honest Mary’s if it wasn’t for my time at Acton; and if I did, we certainly wouldn’t be enjoying the kind of success we are right now.

One specific thing Acton teaches so well is to stand in the shoes of your customer. While simple, it’s truly the most important component of starting a business. If you can understand your customer and create a product suited for their needs and desires over and over again, you’ll have success.

Another huge takeaway from Acton was my sheer confidence level. After working through 200 case studies alongside my classmates, I had built a pattern recognition for quality businesses that could help me create something on my own.

Photo   compliments of Honest Mary’s

Photo compliments of Honest Mary’s

8. Share with us some local Austin companies or brands that inspire you. Why do they inspire you?

Gosh, there are so many. This city is filled to the brim with amazing creators who are constantly inspiring me and others to try new things.

Uchiko has always inspired me. The level of service, quality of food and beautiful aesthetic are incredible to me. The sheer thoughtfulness that goes into every component of your experience inspires me to do the same. I’ll never forget when Tyson Cole, the founder and head chef, came out to personally serve Mary and me one evening, sharing great conversation and amazing sushi on the house. You don’t see this sort of dedication very often.

I’m also a huge fan of Houndstooth coffee. I’m there most every day (sometimes twice…). Their dedication to coffee and great service is unparalleled in Austin. I’m continually inspired by what they create each day.

9. How have you grown as a leader and how was this growth influenced by your company?

I’ve learned personally what I’d been hearing from others for years: you are the product of those who surround you. There’s nothing more important than having great people around you who you can trust, and do great work. This has grow my ability to delegate tasks to others, entrusting them to do the job even better than I could. It’s humbling and awesome to surround yourself with great people that you ultimately see are way better than you in some key areas. This is the beauty of seeing a company as a body; one person is the hands, another person is the feet, etc. If we all do our job, we’ll be a thriving company that goes places and blesses lots of people.

10. Can you share your three top tips for entrepreneurs interested in building locally conscious businesses?

1.    Stand in the shoes of your customer. Understand what they need and desire, and build products that match this.

2.    Prioritize people over profits. Of course, profits are necessary to keep the business going. But don’t make the business about profits. Make it about changing people’s lives for the better.

3.    Surround yourself with great people. This one is easier said that done. But if you do the first two (build products for customers and prioritize people), you’ll increase your chances of coming across some really awesome people. When you do, lead and serve them well.

How to Prepare Yaupon

Curious about how to steep yaupon?

Our founder, Abianne, shares the methods of preparing Yaupon.

The good news is that yaupon is a versatile beverage that you can prepare a number of ways to suit your taste!

On a busy day, keep a pitcher chilling in the fridge to refresh your cup as you conquer that to do list. On a laid back day, add hot water throughout the day for a delicious cup as you nestle up with your favorite book.

From iced to hot, from cold steep to hot steep, you’re sure to find the perfect cup for you.

Be sure to check out our steeping suggestions page for more detailed information on all the ways to enjoy your cup of CatSpring Yaupon. 

Ready to Relax in the Glorious Texas Hill Country?

Do you dream of taking a step back from the day to day humdrum, and enjoying a special experience, curated just for you? We are. 

That’s why we’re excited to welcome back Outstanding in the Field for an intimate afternoon dining experience right here in CatSpring, TX on October 13.

Magical evening in Cat Spring, Texas at the CatSpring Yaupon Ranch.

Gather in community for a truly Texan meal, in the beautiful landscape of our CatSpring farm. You’ll even be able to see first-hand some of the Yaupon bushes that supply our delicious CatSpring Yaupon tea.

And did we mention the sunset? Texas at its best...

In 2017, we sat down to a delicious, locally-sourced meal with 100 of our (soon-to-be) friends and shared life-giving stories and conversations around a single, long table. 

We think they say it best: “Outstanding in the Field is a traveling celebration of people and place and the origins of good food. A single long table set in an extraordinary site. Existing in that place for just a day, in grateful appreciation.”

It’s a rare opportunity to share our passion for yaupon on our own land—much less host a celebration fit for royalty. The diners’ interest, the opportunity to share our labor of love, and the care that the Outstanding in the Field team put into creating a spectacular evening for everyone, made our event in 2017 unforgettable. 

This October will undoubtably be an equally spectacular experience. We look forward to having you join us at the long white table in Cat Spring.

Don’t delay... we’re sure to sell out!

Tickets here.