Bulk & Ingredient Partnerships

Smith Tea  - Yaupon Brandy

Smith Tea - Yaupon Brandy

We are proud to provide certified organic, non-gmo, and Kosher yaupon as an ingredient in several forms: 

  • Loose leaf (Cut & Sift)
  • Tea bag cut
  • Powder

We've had our yaupon in matcha lattes, chocolates, beer, ice cream, and kombucha; and we're just getting started!

Beekman 1802  Exclusively for Target

Beekman 1802 Exclusively for Target

As our young company pioneers the reintroduction of yaupon into the beverage market, CatSpring Yaupon has the luxury and blessing to harvest year round from vast holdings of pristine land.  Unlike most of the world’s commodity tea and herbal producers, we process material year-round harvesting evergreen yaupon continuously.  

Anjore Austin  - yaupon matcha latte

Anjore Austin - yaupon matcha latte

Our wild crop harvests are sourced from extensive acreage that we carefully screen for purity and certified wild-harvest organic.  CatSpring Yaupon works with landowning families and trusts who benefit from our dedicated team of skilled harvesters sustainably harvesting yaupon using techniques that both manage and nurture the acreage so it remains in excellent condition.  The results are truly a win-win-win: landowners benefiting from their relationship with CatSpring Yaupon no longer view yaupon as a plant nuisance, but rather a useful native plant simply requiring skilled management; land that may have lain fallow or have been developed for conventional agriculture can instead be sustainably maintained; and our customers enjoy a natural, healthful, and refreshing beverage from the heart of Texas.

CatSpring Yaupon is pioneering harvesting, processing and packaging techniques and technologies.  While yaupon has blessed Texas with plenty of this hearty, energizing botanical, CatSpring Yaupon is now the world’s premier supplier, and forever committed to ethical labor practices, sustainable ag-management and consistent quality in analytical and sensory testing in accordance with AHPA requirements.  

Chocolaterie Tessa -  Yaupon Cinnamon Spice Chocolate

Chocolaterie Tessa - Yaupon Cinnamon Spice Chocolate

The yaupon we supply your business is pure (we harvest from completely natural pesticide-free lands), highly uniform (we follow a rigorous classification of yaupon particle sizes) and delicious (our experts constantly assess CatSpring Yaupon to maintain established baseline sensory attributes). 

Or if you're just interested in ordering bulk yaupon for your personal consumption, we don't have minimum orders on volume - buy some here